Don’t Fight Breast Cancer ... Prevent It!

The Breast Angel Breast Care & Detector is a ground-breaking device in the field of Cancer prevention and a-must for women of all ages. Prevention is always better than cure and early detection is now possible with the press of a button.

The latest in trans-dermal illumination technology now allows you to actually see through the dense tissue inside your breasts. With routine monthly use of the Breast Angel, you will be able to distinguish between a normal and more importantly abnormal internal physiological appearance in your breast tissue. Monthly self-examination will no longer be a fearful and confusing procedure, as results are instant and easy to interpret, especially for those individuals struggling with fibrocystic conditions. A benign cyst will allow the light to pass through with ease, while potentially malignant tissue will absorb the light in the affected area, turning it an opaque shade and casting a dark spot. Interpretation is as simple as that.

Research conducted by Lisa LoCascio, President of BUST LLC, showed that women all over the globe are becoming far more proactive as health-care advocates, particularly when it comes to the detection and prevention of breast cancer. As she stated, “We Do Not Want You To Fight Breast Cancer, We Want You To Prevent Breast Cancer”.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force revised their recommendations for breast cancer screenings in the USA. It advised that instead of age forty, females are to wait until age fifty for their first mammogram, and should repeat their mammograms at two-year instead of yearly
intervals. In her research, Ms. LoCascio, discovered that her female counterparts all over the world are far more proactive as healthcare advocates, particularly when it comes to protecting themselves from breast cancer.
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Doctors recommend that women try to figure out how their breasts normally look and feel. It is often called the movement "check your own breasts." Most women know that they should pay attention when there is an unusual lumps. Even so there are some changes in the breast that you should also take note including:

 Changes In The Size Or Shape Of Your Breasts
Images Below Are Examples Of A Normal And Healthy Breast
 Changes In The Skin, Especially The Dimple Or Indentation
 A Change In The Appearance Of The Nipple Or A Discharge From The Nipple
 Pain In The Breast That Does Not Go Away After Your Period
 There Is A Lump Or Thickening Of The Breast Tissue

Breast Angel Breast Care & Detector is a product that is simple and easy to use.
But we strongly encourage you to keep taking some time to read the directions in the manual that comes with the device.

What You Will See:

You will see veins and other blood vessels as dark lines in your breasts.  These are totally normal.  Around the nipple you may see a circle of small dots - these are part of your mammary glands.  These are also totally normal.

Over a number of months you will learn what your breasts look like when lit by your Breast Angel.  This internal view will become as familiar to you as the look and feel of your breasts on the outside.

As with all of the aspects of breast awareness, the important thing is to look out for any changes.

Important Things To Note When Using The Device:

• Make the room as dark as possible (turn off the lights)
• Follow the directions to adjust the brightness level of the device
• Breast Care & Paste Detector Sella under one of your breasts and observe
• Hold the Breast Angel and press against the skin of your breast
• Use a mirror so you can see more clearly
• Check around the breast - including under the arms and on the chest.


In general, larger breasts or more dense breasts will require higher light settings.

In the early stages of some types of malignancies increases blood flow to the area.
Image Below Is An Example Of A Normal And Healthy Breast
New blood vessels are formed through a process called angiogenesis.

Image shows Mass Of Chaotic Blood vessels around a malignant lesion illuminated by  the Breast Angel


* Note: The images above are made only as illustrative and not a clinical diagnosis.

The Breast Angel should be used in addition to routine breast self and medical exams and is not a replacement. The Breast Angel is no substitute for regular screening.

Image Above Indicates
 An Abnormality
The Breast Angel emits light with a wavelength that can be seen.
It is very safe and will not cause damage to the skin and breast tissue.  Because of the power of light, the device will be a little warm during use. This is normal.

Scientific Explanation Breast Care & Detector

The Breast Angel is designed to maximize the transmission of light through the breast tissue. Only a small portion of light that will be able to fully pass through. The Breast Angel should be used in very dark environment. Light red / orange is designed to provide a clear distinction so that you are able to see in detail.  You can use the device as often as you like without worrying about harmful side effects. When the light of the blood vessels in the breast, the light is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the red blood cells.  This makes virgin vessels in the breast looks like a dark line.

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