Important Information - Distinguishing The Difference Between Original And Counterfeit

Be cautious of similar devices on the market that may sell for less. they may be counterfeit. Some have chinese faceplates and language and do not contain current software upgrades. others may look exactly the same as legitimate devices but do not work properly and have incompatible software and no operating manual.  The manufacturer of our devices has obtained CE certification, is OEM/ODM accepted with genuine software.

Many companies try to replicate the QRMA chips and sensors but were not that perfect in replicating them.
There are perfect QRMA machines, near to perfect QRMA machine, average QRMA machines and Fake QRMA machines in the market. The thing with fake QRMA machines is that it will generate fake reports on the computer. While the other average type of machine use cheaply available substitute IC which can make the software generate near to perfect reports on computer. And near to perfect QRMA machine manufactured by those companies who know what they are doing and use similar or same IC and sensor data and calibrate their software according to the data produced by the machine.

Possible Problems With Counterfeit Devices

• Encryption lock may be defective and program will not open.  
Error message "Can not find your Encryption Lock, please insert into"

• Software may contain a virus.

• Software can’t be upgraded.

• Software can't operate normally in Windows 7 (64 bit operating system).  Completely not compatible, and may even lead to the operating system blank screen and even paralysis.  

• Instrument box materials are made with inferior aluminum alloy.  The panel is made of low-grade square timber.
The whole surface is rough with poor quality and not durable.

• The number of reports may have been increased but tests are not accurate and unstable.  The test results will vary significantly even within a few minutes of initial testing.

• No comparative analysis function or the report accuracy is poor.

• No service after the sale is made.  You can not find the suppliers after your purchase.  There is no contact information listed on supplies website or contact information is bogus and untraceable.

We Service What We Sell

Our reputation speaks for itself.  Tan Plus/Essentials Of Life has been in business since 1987.  We have been selling the health analyzer since its' introduction into the marketplace in 2010.  The analyzers are tested by the manufacturer using various operating systems.  We re-test all devices we ship in the U.S. for accuracy and continuity using windows 7.  

We are not only distributors, but perform diagnostic testing on our clients using the health analyzer.  Therefore, we are able to offer full operation advice and support.

Unfortunately, many disgruntled purchasers of a counterfeit device have contacted us for service.
Once You Have Purchased A Counterfeit Device, We Cannot Help You.

Disclaimer: Information contained on this site should not be construed as medical advice. Product statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug administration. The products we offer are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition, consult your health care practitioner.

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Detecting A Counterfeit Analyzer
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Detecting A Counterfeit Analyzer
Essentials   of Life
since 1995