What's Your Clients' Health Status ... Right Now?

• Is Their Digestive System Processing Food Properly?
• Is The Liver Doing Its' Job?
• Are Kidneys In Optimum Condition?
• What Is The Condition Of Their Cardiovascular System?
• Are Multi-Vitamins Effective And Being Absorbed?
• Are Vitamin D Levels Normal?
• Are They Drinking Enough Water?
• Is There Adequate Blood Flow To The Brain?

The Quantum Bio-Electric Whole Health Analyzer will your help clients take control of their own health by producing up to 38, easy-to-understand, reports reflecting various conditions of their body's health systems.

Non-Invasive And Painless... The analysis will tell you the condition of your client's health without blood analysis or radiography... No Radiation - No Blood Drawn... 38 Health Reports Produced In Just 2 Minutes:

No Waiting For Test Results...

Whatever conventional testing method used, blood analysis or radiography, may take one, two, or as long as three weeks to get results. This can create depression and additional anxiety in anticipating the unknown. The hi-tech Bio-Electric Magnetic Health Analyzer scans the body and will produce health reports in just 2 minutes. All of the reports will be reviewed, compiled and can be presented to your client at the time of the testing.

Information Regarding The Testing  

The health check is made in a non-invasive way, without blood being drawn and without any radiation being emitted. The testing device will not harm the human body. The analyzer measures the magnetic fields in your body to obtain the results, therefore wearers of pacemakers or those with metal surgical replacements may not be suitable for testing. The test is also not effective for pregnant or nursing women.

Get Tested Before You Buy An Analyzer
If you are able to travel to our Somersworth, NH (USA) location, schedule a test and see for yourself just how accurate the analyzer is and how it can be used to support your practice. The testing fee will be credited to the cost of the analyzer within 90 days of your purchase.   Please Direct Further Inquires By Email To Ray@Essentials-Health.com

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Information About The Testing
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Information About The Testing
Essentials   of Life
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