Stomach acid is a crucial step in the digestive process. Responsible for breaking down proteins, producing bile, stimulating the pancreas to produce digestive enzyme, and killing harmful bacteria, stomach acid is crucial for healthy digestion and assimilation of food. Without optimal stomach acid, we are vulnerable to poor digestion and all of its manifestations, gas, bloating, eczema, allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, vitamin deficiencies and many chronic degenerative diseases.

Those suffering with stomach and intestinal problems are led to believe that heartburn, indigestion, gas, and reflux are caused by overproduction of stomach acid. This is a common misconception and strongly supported by conventional medicine whose practitioners routinely prescribe stomach acid blocking medications at the slightest sign of stomach dysfunction without properly diagnosing the digestive problem by first monitoring the stomach's acid producing function, using scientific methods and neglecting to provide patients with common sense dietary recommendations. Strangely enough, the symptoms of stomach acid (hydrochloric acid, HCL) over-production and under production are virtually identical.

Acida-Zyme Betaine HCI ... Digestive Aid With Pepsin

Acida-Zyme is a digestive aid containing betaine HCl for patients with insufficient stomach acid.
Taken with meals, Acida-Zyme particularly supports digestion of protein and fats.

Directions: Adults take one to two capsules with each protein-containing meal.
As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications that you take with your health care providers.
Do Not Take On An Empty Stomach


90 vegetable capsules  item #471 22.00

Warning: Do not take if pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before use if you have any medical condition or are taking medication. Keep out of reach of children.

Acida-Zyme Ingredients:
One vegetable capsule provides:

Betaine (750mg) - Provides hydrochloric acid supplementation to ordinary gastric secretions.
Pepsin FCC (1:10,000) 45mg
Other Ingredients: Rice flour, vegetable lubricant, silica, gelatin

How Do I Know If I Need Betaine HCI?

A test, the "Heidelberg Capsule Test" is available  that is capable of scientifically determining the stomach's ability to produce adequate concentrations of acid (HCL)..  Unfortunately few physicians have the equipment in their offices to provide it.  There is a simple and practical way to test whether or not one needs stomach acid supplementation (betaine HCl with pepsin) and even estimate how much one needs. Learn More ...

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Digestive Support:

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Acida-Zyme HCI w/Pepsin from Progressive Laboratories
Essentials   of Life
since 1995
Acida-Zyme HCI w/Pepsin from Progressive Laboratories
Essentials   of Life
since 1995