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The 26 feet of the digestive system and colon keep the body strong and energetic. It is where essential nutrients are extracted and absorbed from food, promoting health to the entire body. Unfortunately, this system is the most abused, especially if you have been raised on a diet of bread, dairy, cheese, meat, fast foods, fried foods, fatty foods, sweets, candy, and ice cream. Over time these foods break down the digestive and eliminative systems, causing a number of symtoms such as fatigue, gas, bloating, poor elimination, poor digestion, poor skin, brain fog, and low blood sugar. Digestive inefficiency can continue even after dietary improvements. Internal cleansing provides the best results in rejuvenating your intestinal system.

Cleanse Without Fasting

Ultimate Cleanse from Nature's Secret is an all natural and clinically researched formula based on 30,000+ hours of nutritional expertise. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been changed through the gentle, safe and effective whole body cleansing of Ultimate Cleanse.

A 2-part program (Multi-Herb & Multi-Fiber) that offers results you begin to see and feel in just one week. Helps your body detoxify all 5 channels of elimination (the bowel, lungs, kidneys, skin, and lymphatic system) as well as your organs,cells,bloodstream,and tissues.

Step 1: Multi-Herb - These powerful cleansing herbs target specific parts of the body, such as milk thistle for the liver, red clover for the bloodstream, hawthorn for the heart, plus 28 more to stimulate the release of toxins trapped in the body from poor dietary habits and environmental pollutants.

Step 2: Multi-Fiber - This potent blend of fibers and herbs stimulates bile and promotes peristaltic action (producing 2-3 bowel movements per day), while sweeping, toning and cleansing the digestive and eliminative system.

Ultimate Cleanse contains:

 28 liver cleansing/supporting herbs • 21 blood cleansing herbs
 22 kidney cleansing/supporting herbs • 21 colon herbs to restore and sooth
 12 lung cleansing/supporting herbs • 10 skin cleansing herbs
 18 digestion herbs to aid digestion
PLUS Lactobacillus Acidophilus to replenish the beneficial bacteria, siberian ginseng to support the body's resistance to stress and increase energy and stamina, green tea extract, a strong anti-oxidant even more powerful than vitamin E or C, and mint leaf to help support digestion.

In total: 31 organ detoxifying herbs to target all 5 channels of elimination; as well as the liver, bloodstream, gallbladder, and digestion. In total: 13 sources of fiber to sweep, tone, and cleanse the digestive and eliminatory systems. Cleanse without fasting. Accept no substitutes.

End Benefit: You'll feel lighter, more energetic and healthier. You may notice enhanced digestion,
better elimination, more vibrant hair, skin and nails, brighter eyes, increased mental clarity, heightened enthusiasm and vitality. Every body part seems to work better.
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Ultimate Cleanse Ingredients:

Alfalfa Leaf- used to increase peristalsis of the bowels and as a blood purifier.
Fenugreek Seed- one of the oldest known medicinal plants. A demulcent, used as a digestive aid.
Ginger Root- a calminative, used to aid digestion.
Dandelion Root- extensively used in traditional herbal medicine to support the liver and kidneys.
Fennel Seed- a calminative, traditionally used as a stomachic.
Eleuthero Root Extract- an adaptogen, which balances body functions and supports the body's resistance to stress. Also increases energy and stamina and supports the adrenal glands.
Green Tea Extract- contains polyphenols and flavones that may inhibit the formation of nitrosamines, which are known carcinogens or cancer-causing chemicals. Green Tea is a strong antioxidant even more powerful than vitamins E or C.
Yarrow Flower- traditionally used as a tonic, calminative and anti-inflammatory.
Hawthorn Berries- beneficial for heart function and promotes and stimulates digestion.
Horsetail Herb- supports the kidneys and digestive system.
Licorice Root- supports the liver and digestive system, also a harmonizing herb.
Marshmallow Root- a demulcent, traditionally used as a healing agent.
Peppermint Leaf- Stomachic, antipasmodic,- supports digestion.
Red Clover Leaf- used as blood purifier and to support the healing of certain skin conditions.
Red Raspberry Leaf- a blood tonic- soothing to the stomach.
Safflower Oil- shown to have an antiinflammatory effect.
Scullcap Herb- antispasmodic has been shown to improve liver function.
Burdock Root- traditionally used as a blood purifier, to support the stomach, digestion and skin.
Chickweed Herb- traditionally used as a healing agent.
Mullein Leaf- traditionally used to support lung function, to loosen mucus and move it out of the body.
Papaya Leaf- a digestive support.
Black Cohosh Root- traditionally used as a central nervous system and women's tonic.
Cayenne Fruit- carminative, stimulates digestion, and as a catalyst, carries other herbs quickly to the part of the body where they are needed most.
Club Moss- used by ancient physicians as a stomachic and diuretic.
Irish Moss- a demulcent , soothes kidneys and bladder.
Pacific Kelp- rich source of minerals, especially iodine, which aids in metabolism.
Plantain Herb- traditionally used to break up intestinal mucus.
Slippery Elm Bark- a demulcent, soothes the digestive tract.
Yellow Dock Root- supports the liver in promoting bile production.
Milk Thistle Extract- supports the liver in the release of toxins.
Echinacea Augustifolia Leaf Extract- anti-bacterial, stimulates the immune system, and is reported to support the lymphatic system.
Ginkgo Biloba Extract- a brain and circulatory antioxidant.

Cascara Sagrada Bark- stimulates peristalsis and proper bowel function. Increases the secretion of the liver and gall bladder.
Fennel Seed- a calminative and stomachic, eases stomach and dispels gas.
Psyllium Seed- used as a bulking agent to promote peristalsis- shown to support the liver.
Ginger Root- a calminative, used to aid digestion.
Acacia Gum, Glucomannan, Gum Karaya, Oat Bran- soluble fibers. Water soluble fiber is able to bind with water and bile, increasing bulk and promoting peristalsis. Soluble fibers have been shown to lower lipid levels because of their ability to bind with bile and promote its excretion.
Alfalfa Leaf- an insoluble fiber that bulks the stool and helps promote peristalsis.
Apple Pectin- a soluble fiber that binds with bile acids and promotes their excretion.
Apple Powder- contains both pectins and lignins. Lignins are thought to act as antioxidants.
Barley Rice Fiber- a soluble fiber in the lignin class.
Beet Root- soluble and insoluble fiber, which sweeps and cleanses the eliminatory system.
Lemon Peel- a soluble fiber. Pectins are able to bind with bile and promote its excretion.
Mint- stomachic, antipasmodic- supports digestion.
Peppermint Leaf- well known for soothing properties and the ability to stimulate digestion.
Red Raspberry Leaf- a blood tonic.
Slippery Elm Bark- a demulcent, soothes the digestive tract.
Shattered Cell Wall Chlorella- nutrient source, detoxifier of the blood and internal organs.
Lactobacillus Acidophilus- "friendly" bacteria, promotes proper intestinal environment.
Guar Gum- soluble fiber shown to be helpful in regulating glucose levels.

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