Millions of people suffer from lung congestion due to bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. Add to that the more common problems of cold, flu, airborne pollutants, and more and it becomes apparent that our lungs are subject to many obstacles that restrict their ability to adequately perform their function of providing life-giving oxygen to the system.

Until recently, there were two alternatives to lung congestion: symptom-oriented drugs (often with serious side effects) or nutritional supplements and diet changes. Because of the side effects and their toxic nature, drugs are generally the last resort for nutrition-oriented people. Also, while nutritional supplements and diet changes are helpful, they generally produce only partial relief as they are primarily preventative measures, and not intended to relieve acute symptoms.

Drugs work only on symptoms and do nothing to restore the body to its normal healthy state. As you can see from the description of the ingredients in ClearLungs, they work on the cause of lung congestion by restoring and supporting normal lung function and metabolic activity, through reducing fluids, aiding in tissue repair, controlling inflammation, etc.

An All-Natural Formula For Clear Lungs And Free Breathing
Herbal/Homeopathic OTC Formula Provides Temporary Relief Of Bronchial Congestion

ClearLungs is a unique blend of Chinese herbs that helps maintain free breathing, keep airways open and mucus levels normal.

ClearLungs Extra Strength contains a natural homeopathic decongestant formula, coupled with 13
perfectly balanced herbal ingredients designed to help keep airways free of phlegm and mucus, while supporting clear lungs and free breathing. ClearLungs is based on a traditional Chinese formula that has been used for many years, and has been the #1 natural lung health product in the United States since at least 1998.



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Breathe Easy!

“I am so pleased with the results I am getting from my first bottle of Clear Lungs. I sure would hate to be without Clear Lungs. I can breathe so much better. It is unreal. I am 75 years old. I can do my house work much faster and easier. Thanks for your support.”  L.C., Missouri

It’s easy to take your lungs for granted. Every minute of every day, awake or asleep, they quietly do their job. On a typical day, they draw in, filter, heat, moisturize, and process about 17 kg (38 lbs) of air – enough to fill an 8x8x8 foot room – extracting life-giving oxygen and expelling water, carbon dioxide, and metabolic wastes. During stress or exercise, they may process much more.

Keeping lungs healthy and airways clear is a priority for people with respiratory challenges. These may include obstructive conditions (like asthma) which reduce airflow, or restrictive ones (like pneumonia) that reduce lung capacity. They may also include factors like pollution, allergies, dust, high altitudes, and athletic training. Carrying a few extra pounds, especially around the middle, can also affect how well your lungs work.

Keep your lungs in top condition. Cultivating a habit of deeper breathing, together with enough rest and exercise, avoiding allergens, humidifying heated air in winter, and avoiding arid and dusty environments can all help your lungs do their job well.

Directions: Adults and children age 12 and over, take 2 capsules (under age 12 take 1 capsule). Repeat every 4-8 hours as needed. Once desired results are obtained, try 1 or 2 capsules twice daily for maintenance. May be used indefinately if desired, or as needed for seasonal or temporary conditions. Warnings: Stop use and check with your doctor if conditions continue or get worse, or if new symptoms occur. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or nursing, check with your doctor before usage.

Clear Lungs Extra Strength Active Ingredients:
Antimonium Tartaricum 30c, Carbo Vegetabilis 30c, Natrum Sulphuricum 30c, Phosphorus 30c - Provides relief from lung congestion.
other ingredients:
   • Hoelen - Balances tissue fluids and strengthens respiratory membranes.
   • Dong Quai - Acts as a tonic and blood building agent.
   • Ophiopogon - Balances tissue fluids and strengthens respiratory membranes.
   • Scute - Headache pain relief.
   • Platycodon - Strengthens the immune system and removes mucus accumulations.
   • Citrus - Cleanses the lungs and circulatory system.
   • Morus Root - Enhances tissue repair.
   • Fritillary - Enhances tissue repair.
   • Asparagus - Helps control tissue inflammation.
   • Almonds - Moistens lungs and controls coughing.
   • Gardenia - Relieves congestion and enhances liver function.
   • Schizandra - Normalizes mucus secreting cells.
   • Licorice - Supports the adrenal glands.

Q .Obviously, ClearLungs must be a very therapeutically effective product to achieve such best selling status. What is so unique about this product?
A . To put it in the simplest terms, IT WORKS! Simply varying the amounts of some ingredients in the formula can lessen the effectiveness of the product. For example, two competitive products with the exact same listing of herbal ingredients on their labels can produce different results because the amount of each herb in the formula will vary. ClearLungs is a thoroughly researched product and produces exceptional results. It works as fast as a drug but without the side effects.

The second reason why ClearLungs works so well is because it has been tested on chiropractic patients in clinics throughout the United States. Eighty-five to ninety percent of the patients tested received positive results. The entire product line of 25 herbal formulas has been tested in this manner. I believe we are the only company to have conducted this kind of testing procedure.

Q . Are there any side effects associated with taking ClearLungs?
A . That is a very important question. Many people are confused about the warnings on over-the-counter (OTC) products. First of all, it is important to know that all homeopathic and herbal products that make health claims are required by Food and Drug Administration regulations to also have warnings on their labels. For instance, the warning on ClearLungs is similar to the warning on the drug store version of a lung congestion product. The difference is quite simple: homeopathic and herbal formulas are 100 percent natural and do not produce side effects.

Q . Can a person take ClearLungs while taking prescription drugs or other medications?
A . Yes. Natural products will seldom interfere with powerful drugs. As a rule, to assure the effectiveness of ClearLungs, it is best to take it a few hours before or after taking medication. Consult your physician if you are on prescription medication. It is generally a safe practice to ensure your safety.

Q . Can children take ClearLungs?
A . Yes. The usual dosage for children is half the adult dosage. You can adjust the dosage for body weights. For example, if a teenager has an adult weight, he or she would take an adult dosage.

Q: Doesn't Licorice raise blood pressure?
A: Yes and no. European Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) can be used in large doses (4000 mg/day or more) to raise blood pressure that is too low. There are also a few studies that suggest that it may raise the blood pressure of “healthy adults”. However, many experts suggest that Chinese Licorice (a different species, Glycyrrhiza uralensis) may not have that effect, and it certainly is not generally used that way. Both European and Chinese licorice are tonic herbs, meaning that they help the body better regulate its own functions, so the fact that it normalizes low blood pressure may not mean that it aggravates high blood pressure—in many cases, the same tonic herbs are used to normalize conditions from either direction. Finally, the Chinese Licorice in ClearLungs is less than 20 mg per capsule, so it is extremely unlikely that it would have a noticeable effect on blood pressure in any event. It is present because in the Chinese herbal formula, Chinese Licorice is a “guiding herb” which harmonizes the actions of the other herbs and makes them more effective.

Asthma "Since less than a year old, I have suffered with severe bronchial asthma. Now, however, the years of discomfort and worry over drugs are past with ClearLungs. To me, it is nothing short of a miracle. My wheezing and shortness of breath are just gone. Every asthma sufferer should give this product a try." - B.D., Washington

"ClearLungs is truly a miracle. My daughter had a severe case of Asthma. We went to every hospital specializing in asthma in the Washington, D.C. area. Nothing was able to help her until I tried ClearLungs. The very first capsule, she told me she felt relieved. Last week we went to the doctor for her regular checkup. The doctor said she is clear to run and play. Truly a miracle." - W.C., Washington, D.C.

Breathing "ClearLungs helped clear my lungs better than any antibiotics that my doctor prescribed. He tried four different ones, none of which worked." - S.R., Washington

Bronchitis "I am writing to let you know that I have bronchitis. I have been to the doctor two different times for no good. I started taking ClearLungs and they have done more good than taking any medicine the doctor gave me. It makes me breathe better. I have emphysema and it is a lifesaver for me. I won't be without them any more. Thank you for this great product." - L.F., Georgia

Congestion "My husband has found ClearLungs really helps clear the congestion he has had for years. My sister was also able to clear up her pneumonia that the doctor couldn't touch." - L.J., Utah

Coughing "A friend of mine gave me a bottle of ClearLungs last month. When I used up the contents, my coughing had slowed down. I was astonished by the effectiveness of your product, so I want to order some more bottles so my coughing will be cured." - P.R., California

Emphysema "I want to tell you how pleased and overwhelmed I am with what your product "ClearLungs" has done for me. For months I have been taking 6 capsules a day and have not had to use my Proventil Repeat tabs and inhalators my doctor prescribed for my emphysema and bronchitis. I have also told many of my friends about your product." - V.C., California.

"For the past two months my mother has been taking ClearLungs. When she first started she was very congested and coughed all the time. She was also on oxygen and inhalers. She has emphysema. My mother is now on no other medication and I am happy to tell you she is breathing much better. P.S. Mother is 85 years old." - E.W., Nebraska

Pulmonary Fibrosis "My husband and I are convinced that ClearLungs has really helped his breathing. He has had Pulmonary Fibrosis for 10 years, which causes shortness of breath during exertion. Since taking Clear Lungs, he is now able to do much more without losing his breath. It is amazing." - B.D., N. Carolina

ClearLungs Smokers Testimonials "I have been a cigarette smoker for 55 years. ( No, I am not going to quit.) But, with ClearLungs, my life and health have taken a decided turn for the better. I will not be without ClearLungs. The freedom from phlegm formation and nighttime hacking, coughing and wheezing that ClearLungs has provided makes this product priceless. Smokers hack is a problem that is too often ignored and untreated. ClearLungs should be in the medicine cabinets of Americas 44 million smokers." - L.H.B., Nevada

"My doctor explained to me that my lungs were very badly scarred, that eventually I might have to have surgery. The scarring was caused by years of smoking. I took ClearLungs for two months. My lungs cleared up and I have full use of my lungs again. Thank you very much for this product." - D.H.R., Florida

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Clear Lungs Extra Strength - Breathe Easy
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